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Leave an honest review with a photo.

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  1. Once your order arrives and you get a chance to try it out, come back to this email and click each of the “Review Now” buttons at the bottom.
  2. This will bring you directly to the product pages of each item you purchased, please scroll down to the bottom of each page to find the reviews area.
  3. Submit a review and a photo of each of the products you purchased. (There is now a spot to upload photos when writing a review)
  4. Once your review is submitted and approved you will automatically receive the coupon to your inbox.
  5. Your review MUST have a photo uploaded to it as well or you will not receive the coupon.

Additional 5% off.

We are offering an additional 5% off for a total of 15% off in exchange for reviews of of our flower or shatter on Reddit! (Your order must have had one of these items in it)

  1. Travel to, (you will need to make an account, if you dont already have one)
  2. Navigate to the subreddit r/MOMpics
  3. Post a photo with a review of any flower or shatter in your order to the r/MOMpics Subreddit.
  4. Send us over the URL of your review so we can verify it.Make sure you complete this task last, as we can only add the additional 5% onto the already created 10% off coupon.

Please only provide us with honest reviews. Our goal is to provide the very best products and service while also always trying to improve. That’s why we value your feedback.

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